ISOBIKE® represents modern diagnostic and intervention equipment with possible usage in rehabilitation as well as in sports training.


ISOBIKE® Enables quantification, i.e. exact determination and removal of „lateral deficiency“ in lower extremities. Lateral deficiency is defined as a difference between muscle strength and muscle power output of left and right lower extremities. This difference is caused by either unilateral stress – preference of one lower extremity or using only a specific muscle group as a result of injury or illness. When the difference between the two extremities is greater than 10% of physiological value, it truly endangers the correct function of the whole kinetic chain and results mostly in:


  • Reduction of biomechanical effectiveness and sport performance
  • Greater risk of injury
  • Lower effectiveness of therapeutic procedures, slower improvement and worse overall effect of rehabilitation


Produktové balíčky:

ISOBIKE® Diagnostic – PRE
Identification of lateral deficiency before the training meso and macrocycles as a preventive measure against injuries.

ISOBIKE® Diagnostic – REHA
Identification of lateral deficiency level before and after the rehabilitation as a form of rehabilitation evaluation.

Individual training on ISOBIKE® with a visual feedback aimed at reduction of lateral deficiency+ complete diagnostics.

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